Monday, September 04, 2006

alright i'm jus updating to keep my blog alive (: i'm frigging tired today.
i dont want thursday to come, damnit
ben ' 08

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Friday, August 25, 2006

Yup, it is friday already. Days are passing faster and faster, maybe he is right my life is getting more and more dull. I jus realise that i only did 5 things everyday -- study,t.v,eat, chat and sleep, neither more nor less. Prelims are getting nearer, jus another 2 more weeks. yep
Something damn funny happened. Beng and i was mugging the the library la.. but pratically he was jus looking at girls while i took bloody 1 hour to solve one question ): Then beng found a ten cent on the capet, we were planning to keep the ten cent coin but at the back of our mind we were thinking that this coin is possessed with evil stuff. So we decided to flip coin, if its head i will keep the coin if its tail then beng will keep it, then beng flip the coin high... and guess what the coin drop into his shirt then straight down into his underwear! lol! hahaha that was so dumb la.. then we quickly rush to the toilet while lauhing madly. Geez, that was damn lame (:
*life is like a straw*

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

its 11.35. 25 minutes to the end of my birthday, hahah sad huh. Really had a great day today, lots of my mates wished me even some unexpected ones (: hahaa and i had receive neumerous testimonial from all my great buddy and friends too! omg even rentro the lamer sent me one too. hahaha! really wanna thank my class plp for drawing all the stuffy and the tagboard, its damn cool luh. (: everyone is jealous. hehe and and and THANK you so much mel amanda and gang for the birthday song luh. its soo super nice and cool =)) and thanks peiqian for giving me such a big big surprise, lastly thanks beng for the desert, its damn nice :) Though i dint receive any presents on my birthday but its a super great day! yep! i love myself so much. hahah. But still lots of plp own me presents, i think almost 40% of the people i know had forgotten that its my birthday. hah but its alright (: jus rmb it the next time (:(: heh alright im gona stop here. nitex plp.

Happy birthday to myself (:

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Monday, August 21, 2006

Alright its 12.38 and its my birthday! heh happy birthday to benny! yay! i love myself so much!
hope that i will have a great day in school and may all my wishes come true! :D
BENNY rocks so much

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

I found a dark hole, i think im dropping in. So today is the worest day of the week i guess. Stupid things happened, i got bastard today. So feel like killing that guy. damnit. Pok said im acting weird lately, yups i guess so but i just couldn't find out what is wrong though i know something is wrong with me. Well but who cares, it will be over soon. I hope. Sigh there will be A maths mock tml and i aint studying it, can i still make it? i think not.
Can someone lend me a hand? Im falling.
restless and tired

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Feeling strange today, the feeling which i haven been feeling for months is coming back. Suddenly i cant wait for christmas, how i hope its tomorrow. O lvl is over and im as lively as a bird, how great eh? Having someone to celebrate with you and all the nicest thing is happening on that day. Sigh.
School was normal today except that it was my first time playing netball. we dint have a choice. Went lunch at LJS, as usual beng cant finish his food and i finish it up for him (: heh.
HAHAHA, when i imagin what amanda told me what happen this morning i jus cant stop smiling. I dint mean it (:
Ahh, i was damn happy when i know tat she is with pc now (: congrats congrats. Seeing her having bad days for so long and finally she has what she wanted now really made me feels great. POk i feel like crying. HAHAHAAH. damnit =))

The world is about balance.
Without hurt theres no love.
Without black theres no white.
If you dont have hurt , you wont know whats love.
The way how our parents love is parental love.
theres no standard way of loving.
Cause, one must love alot of things!
One of which is, to love ourself.
which is difficult espically when you have another love.
Like your girl or guy friend

so, there is nothing perfect in this world. there will always be high and low in everyones life. Dont be demoralise by anything. If you were to fail, just stand up again and go for it and dont give in to people who just dont worth it, dont let him hurt you, think twice.

Thanks Amanda (:

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Monday, August 14, 2006

Its another day, head spinning badly now. Guess im gona fall sick very soon ): poK told me to find my penguin lol like wth. its impossible to find one my my sch luh mel, hehe maybe in your school? Haha. Went to watch click with beng today, finally after scamming me for days, yep no doubt it was nice and touching. heh, just right after the movie we took lift down and guess wad that was a B*T** who kept on burping luh. Damnit, we are in the lift! and she kept burping non stop like she was having fun. Ahhh.. when i was in 913 bus on my way home i spotted a girl named nicola. whoohoo and first thing tat came to my mind was beng's girl, hahahah but trust me beng she aint ur type (: heh. Tuesday tml, YAY soccer like always, guess im gona stop basketball and go back to my soccer, heh everyone miss me so much right.
Freaking out so soon'

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